Steel castings for pressure purposes (DIN EN 10213*)

Material- number Code Properties and information on application
1.0619 GP240GH Heat-resistant fitting and pump components, machine parts
1.5419 G20Mo5 As above, but for higher operating temperatures (up to 500 °C); used for thermally exposed machine parts in processing plants
1.7357 G17CrMo 5-5 As above, but for operating temperatures up to 550 °C; used in chemical industry installations that involve no significant exposure to corrosion
1.7379 G17CrMo9-10 Heat-resistant up to 550 °C; used for power plant components, e.g. parts for superheated steam turbines, shaped pieces; enhanced resistance to pressurised hydrogen
1.7706 G17CrMoV5-10 Resistant to heat and corrosion at the same time, suitable for valves and pumps; the high-strength variant is wear-resistant.
1.4107 GX8CrNi12
1.4931 GX23CrMoV12-1 Used for parts in superheated steam turbines, valves, pumps; high resistance to pressurised hydrogen; limited corrosion resistance
1.7380 GS12CrMo910P Steel castings for pressure purposes conforming to TRB 100 and AD-Merkblatt W5, TRD 103 and TRD 110; used for pumps and valves for nuclear facilities

* further grades on request