Steel castings for ionisation, flame, induction and case hardening * 1)

Material- number Code Properties and information on application
1.1191 GS-CK 45 (GC 45 E)
(DIN 17200)
Used for parts in general engineering applications, sprockets, gear wheels, tumblers, pinions, worms, and similar
1.1167 GS-36 Mn 5
(SEW 835-97)
Preferred for welded parts, conveying chain links
1.1159 GS-46 Mn 4
(SEW 835-97)
Used for sprockets, running and guide parts, chain links for cog wheels, and similar
GS-42 CrMo 4
(DIN 17205)
Used for bevel gears, gear wheels, crane wheels, casings for crushers
1.7232 GS-50 CrMo 4
(SEW 835-97)
Used for wear-exposed parts requiring high strength and hardness penetration, e.g. crane travelling wheels, rope pulleys
1.8159 GS-50 CrV 4 Used for wearing parts with a high surface strength exposed to extreme wear, such as skids, crane and brake wheels
1.1142 GS-CK 16 2) Less complicated machine components requiring a wear-resistant surface.
1.7131 GS-16 MnCr 5 Used for complicated mechanical components with a deep case..
1.7357 GS-17 CrMo 55 2)
(DIN 17245)
Used for gear wheels, cylinder liners, sliding elements, and similar
1.7380 GS-12 CrMo 9 10P
2) 4)
As above, but for parts exposed to elevated mechanical stress
1.5621 GS-10 Ni 6 2)
(SEW 685 – 89)
Used for parts exposed to high dynamic stress
1.5638 GS-10 Ni 14 2)
(SEW 685 – 89)
Used for parts exposed to extremely high dynamic stress
Material- number Standards Properties and information on application
Designation as per DIN 17006 DIN/SEW
1.1196 G C 45 E 835 Surface-hardened to 53 HRc; used for sprockets, chain links, gear wheels, pinions, worms, cam disks, tumblers
1.1176 G 36 Mn 5 835 Surface-hardened to 50 HRc; used for sprockets and chain links; used for welded-in steel castings
1.1159 G 46 Mn 4 835 Surface-hardened to 53 HRc; used for crane travelling wheels, crawler tracks
1.7231 G 42 Cr Mo 4 835 Surface-hardened to 54 HRc; used for crane travelling wheels, drums for stranding machines, linings for grinding drums
1.7232 G 50 Cr Mo 4 835 Surface-hardened to 57 HRc. As above but with higher wear Surface-hardened to 57 HRc; as above, but with a higher wear resistance.

1) The ionisation, flame or induction hardening has to be carried out by the customer.
2) Steel castings suitable for case hardening
4) Conforming to Vd TÜV 472 03.85

* further grades on request