Steel casting materials with special properties*

Material- number Code Properties and information on application
1.1131 GS-16 Mn5 (DIN 17182)
siehe EN 10213-3 (G17Mn5)
Steel castings with improved weldability
  GS-18 NiCrMo 86 Wear-resistant steel castings with improved weldability
1.1120 GS-20 Mn5 (DIN 17182) Steel castings with improved weldability used for crane wheels, brake disks, bogie wheels, steering knuckles and other machinery parts
1.1136 GS-24 Mn 4 Used for axles and other parts in the automotive industry
  GS-24 Mn 5
similar to
GS-32 MnSi 54 Used for caterpillar tracks, crane wheels, bevel gears, spur gears, etc.
1.5122 GS-37 MnSi 5 Heat-treatable steel castings used for machinery parts subjected to high wear
similar to
GS-50 MnSi 44 Resistant to abrasive wear (wear resistance dependent on the hardness); used for parts such as pump housings, crane wheels, armour plates, etc.
  G-ESP 58 Used for machinery parts and tools subjected to heavy abrasive wear

* further grades on request