Total quality management forms the foundation for our work. Our management system is documented in our comprehensive manual, which serves as the basis for our certification to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. Our company also has, of course, a great number of other supplier approvals issued by national and foreign inspection bodies.

Having a full range of apparatus and equipment enables us to carry out all the usual testing in-house, including surface crack detection and volume and destructive materials testing. On request, our qualified personnel conduct magnetic particle and dye penetrant testing, as well as extensive volume testing by means of ultrasound and radiography. Worthy of particular mention in this connection is volume testing using radioactive isotopes (Ir 192, Co 60) and a 3 MeV linear accelerator. This equipment allows us to inspect walls up to 300 mm in thickness to all known standards. Our destructive materials testing capabilities include all the standard tensile and Charpy impact test methods. This spectrum of capabilities is complemented by metallographic examinations, ranging from simple investigations of microstructures to the evaluation of structures of Duplex steels and special alloys.

Our capabilities in the field of quality assurance are rounded off by marking gauges for the measurement of raw castings, by a CAD-based system for measuring raw castings, and by a CNC coordinate measuring machine for the monitoring of finishing operations.