Fettling shop

The equipment in our fettling shop is state-of-the-art. To ensure material-compatible treatment of the castings, those components made of carbon steels and those made of high-alloy steels or nickel-base alloys are kept strictly separate. Where fabrication welding is necessary to join castings together or to join them to additionally purchased rolled and forged products, this is done under the supervision of our welding engineers. Our welders and welding methods are qualified to current codes and are inspected in accordance with established rules. Our in-house heat treatment shop adjoining the fettling shop provides specialised heat treatment for the castings we produce. Six gas-fired heat treatment furnaces are able to operate at temperatures up to 1,250 °C. A water tank, a quenching tank containing emulsion, and a fan-cooled chamber are available for the downstream cooling process. The temperature constancy of the furnaces is checked and documented regularly according to ASTM rules under third-party supervision. Automatically and manually operated shot-blasting cubicles, as well as a pickling bath for high-alloy components, are available for the final cleaning of the casting surfaces.