Facts & Figures

We rank among Europe’s leading producers of steel castings, with a workforce numbering around 300 employees and an annual output of 6,500 tonnes.

Our core activities are the production, machining and fabrication welding of cast steel components for various fields of use. These include parts for valves and pumps, as well as for other market segments such as rail vehicle manufacture, power-generating machinery, mechanical engineering and the offshore industry

One focal area of production is dedicated to valves and pumps used for industrial purposes, involving steels that are high- and low-temperature-resistant, stainless, acid- and wear-resistant, Duplex, and nickel-based, and also other grades to national and international standards and customer specifications. These are employed worldwide in offshore installations, in the chemical, oil and gas industries, in power generation, and in refrigeration and air-conditioning systems.

The products are required to meet the highest safety standards, which is why stringent quality controls as well as comprehensive in-process documentation are essential. In-house quality controllers as well as inspection bodies commissioned by the customer are responsible for final acceptance. We have supplier approvals from practically every inspection body in Europe.

The technical preparation for the production of the castings and the development of the products are supported by state-of-the-art computer-aided techniques that simulate key parameters of the production process. It is thus possible to demonstrate the solidification process, distribution of stresses and even the mechanical properties prior to production and also create an important basis for intensive consultation with our customers.

Products ordered from Herzberg are used on land and sea all over the world. Well over 50 percent are exported direct.